Y E S   H E L L O

About me. Lots but here’s one thing. I’m  interested in how dada is the remaining tatter of art history that’s still relevant to society,

Modern advertising is essentially an assemblage of sights and sounds, cut and pasted from our vibrant adhd reality where even context itself is constantly reinventing.

People have new territories of expression in which to exist. They can post yesterday’s moments today. Change eyes and ears to cosplay subversions in cyber realities and share aspects of humanity definitely yet untold. Petit personal empires of swiped control.

It is these changing controls – how we give and receive the messages – that changes what we can say and how we say it. William Burroughs and his “cut-up method” approach to poetry and narrative have influenced a great deal of how I interpret audiences, and what methods I think work in communicating brand.

The work you are witnessing behind here is Burroughs’ seminal 1966 film, The Cut-Ups. It illustrates how repetition dissolves/resolves meaning as you currently understand it.

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